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Poster: Zeta June Date: Jan 23, 2018 8:53am
Forum: audio Subject: Re- Ordering Track List

Hey There, quick question. I am uploading a set and it keeps placing the set in alphabetical order verses the track listing of the set. I have tried placing the track number first before the track, (01 song name etc) but have had no luck. Is there a way to reorganize this, and or change the format so in the future it doesn't keep going alphabetically automatically? Thank You.

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Poster: vanark Date: Jan 23, 2018 5:39pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: Re- Ordering Track List

The tracks are listed in alphanumeric order of the filenames, so you need to precede the song title with the track number. In some cases, you've deleted the file extension (.flac) during the rename so that should be fixed.

You only need to rename the FLAC files - the system will rederive the other files. You can fix this by clicking on Edit under the microphone and then choose "Change the files" on the next page.